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I hope you have noticed by now that Tales from Periphaeria has moved to Periphaeria.com.

In case you haven’t, please, update your newsreader and/or bookmarks and pop by. 🙂


Just a reminder

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(… I know that Periphaeria Designs links mostly to here at the moment. :mrgreen: )

…that thos blog has moved under Periphaeria Designs’ own domain and can be found from http://www.periphaeria.com/tales/. 🙂

Housewarming party! Update your feeds!

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Tales from Periphaeria has moved to its real home at Periphaeria.com. And therefore I will proudly represent: Tales from Periphaeria‘s new residency! 🙂

Pop by to say Hi – and remember to update your bookmarks etc.

Zoology: The Stitching Bug

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I think that most stitchers are curious to know how a stitching bug looks like. One revealed oneself to me earlier today:

It’s a bug, it has spent quite some time strolling up and down few skeins of hand-dyed floss I received today… ergo, it is a stitching bug. One more mystery solved. 😀

T3h B1g S3kr1t D3s1gn

Probably I should begin to call it The Big H. as I am quite sure I know its name-to-be already.

Anyway, the Big H.’s design is now as ready as it can be before model stitching begins and I have decided which fabric and fiber I will use for it.
And just for a twist I stitch model on the simplest possible way – because I want to see how it comes out that way, but it is charted to give the stitcher (that is you) some challenge if one wishes to tackle it…

New designs, part II

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You happen to subscribe to The Gift of Stitching? You should, as July issue has a biscornu designed by yours truly. 🙂

The design is called Square Gardens, despite the wrong name in the magazine (booboos happen, such is life), and looks like this:

It’s July!

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And, as you know, time for new designs!

Allow me introduce, July launch:

Beescornu‘; designed as a biscornu, finished as a pincushion.
The actual story behind Beescornu has to do with my curiosity.
I am allergic to all kind of buzzing critters, bees being one of them, and I was curious could I design something beautiful using something I dread as a theme. (And, even I say so, it came out beautifully. 🙂 )
This design contains two charts: one with the bees and the flower/ leaves, one with only the leaves/ flower, but slightly modified.
Ring of Roses #2: Grandmother’s Wallpaper‘; a nostalgic needleroll, second part of Ring of Roses series.
Not actually with a ring of roses, but still within the theme of the series.
Rosette – Needleroll‘; this needleroll challenges you, not just to use silks and petite beads, but to dye your own fabric!
Best of all, you can also stitch this as a band sampler.

On other news I am happy to inform you that T3h B1g S3kr1t Pr0j3ct is almost designed – I just need to decide between two layouts and between two details. Then it’s time to decide the floss and the fabric (most likely 36 count Edinburgh flax).

How to recognize different types of trees chart packs?

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Lesson one: if it’s printed in States the card stock and the paper are the same size. If it’s printed in Europe, at Periphaeria (by me), the card stock is a bit shorter than the paper used for the chart and instructions. :mrgreen:

Like this:


This is nasty aesthetic problem and we, me and my printer, are working on it. Whole problem would cease to exists if I could find suitable card stock from here, but after spending whole night surfing local stores’ sites I am not very optimistic when it comes to finding a quick solution for this issue.
I’m sorry about this, but at least you can comfort yourselves with the fact that you can say when it’s printed by Lady herself. 😉